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Tomica No.04 Honda VFR White Motorcycle Review

Tomica No.04 Honda VFR White Motorcycle Review

トミカ No.04 Honda VFR 白バイ レビュー

トミカ No.04 Honda VFR 白バイナナメヨコ
This is a white Honda VFR motorcycle. The size is 1/32 of the real thing. It comes with a side stand, so you can display it freestanding on your desk or collection shelf.

トミカ No.04 Honda VFR 白バイバック
トミカ No.04 Honda VFR 白バイヨコミギ
The action of the product is tire rotation, and the handle also moves. You can display it and look at it, or hold it in your hands and let it run and look at it.

トミカ No.04 Honda VFR 白バイ正面
The “POLICE HONDA” logo on the front and the “HONDA” logo on the side have been reproduced in detail. The engine and muffler have also been reproduced realistically. Red lights are installed on both sides and in the rear of the vehicle, as if it were a motorcycle policing a violation.


タカラトミー トミカ No.04 Honda VFR白バイミニカー
価格:360円(税込、送料別) (2021/3/13時点)