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Tomica No.20 Isuzu Erga Toei Bus Review

Tomica No.20 Isuzu Erga Toei Bus Review

Tomica No.20 Isuzu Erga Toei Bus Review

トミカ No.20 いすゞ エルガ 都営バスナナメフロント
This is a non-step minicar of the Tokyo Metropolitan Bus. The best feature is that you can put your own stickers on it.

トミカ No.20 いすゞ エルガ 都営バスフロント
トミカ No.20 いすゞ エルガ 都営バス右サイド
トミカ No.20 いすゞ エルガ 都営バスナナメバック
トミカ No.20 いすゞ エルガ 都営バスバック
You can put 7 stickers on the front part of the bus: “Kinshicho Station” on the destination board, “Non Step Bus” on the lower part of the front gas, “Non Step Bus” under the rear glass, “Toei Bus” on the right side of the bus entrance, “Non Step Bus” on the left side of the bus entrance, and “Toei Bus” and “Non Step Bus” on the back side of the bus entrance as well.

トミカ No.20 いすゞ エルガ 都営バス左サイド
Be careful, the door will not open. It is recommended to buy 10 or more cars and arrange them neatly. This is a large bus parking lot, and it is very powerful when you take pictures with your camera at the human eye level. Don’t think of it as just a bus without any gimmicks.

トミカ No.20 いすゞ エルガ 都営バスナナメサイド
The movement is very smooth, and there is no sign of breakage even after the kids have been playing with it for over a month.


タカラトミー TAKARA TOMY トミカ No.20 いすゞ エルガ 都営バ…
価格:346円(税込、送料別) (2021/1/28時点)